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PTU Series

Up screw type Rated voltage: 800V~1000V Rated current: 11A~95A

PTU series may be already familiar to you not only assures your speedy connection but also features the prevention of the screw loosening and an improved resistance to tensile force.
This type is one of most popular for workable.

All types have been certified by UL for export manufactures.

We use m-PPE which is excellent at withstand voltage and insulation resistance.

Applicable rail is DIN 35mm rail.

You can mount this terminal block from above to the rail easily.
(It is easy to mount terminal block from above to the rail.)
Model name Rated PDF CAD
PTU-10 AC,DC800V 15A
PTU-20 AC,DC800V 22A
PTU-30 AC,DC1000V 30A
PTU-40 AC,DC1000V 40A
PTU-80 AC,DC1000V 75A
PTU-100 AC,DC1000V 95A

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After that you can download data of CAD and saving wiring system.

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